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Stan Gale
Chairman, Gale International, New York
“Songdo IBD and the Future of Smart, Sustainable City-Scale Development”

Global demographics are evolving. With rapid urbanization arise numerous challenges, and opportunities. These important issues are now being directly confronted, as national, provincial and municipal leaders consider city-scale developments for their constituents. This presentation focuses on Songdo International Business District, a 1500 acre city rising on the western coast of the Korean peninsula. A master planned city strategically situated in the heart of Northeast Asia, Songdo IBD serves as the functioning model for new urban living. The city’s physical transformation, from tidal mudflats to thriving metropolis, is only part of the story. The application of the latest city-scale technologies and environmentally responsible principles to the overarching design and development make Songdo IBD truly unique.
Stan Gale is the Chairman of Gale International, a premier, international real estate development and investment firm. The Gale family legacy of entrepreneurship dates back to 1922, with the founding of the Daniel Gale Agency by Stan Gale’s grandfather. Building on three generations of expertise, Stan Gale founded Gale International in 1999. The company began by focusing on complex, large-scale developments, including tall buildings and corporate campuses. It has since become the foremost expert in sustainable city-scale developments, with headquarters in New York and offices in Boston, California, South Korea, and China.

To date, Gale International has 26 projects in development throughout North America and Asia, and serves as the principal developer of Songdo International Business District, a $35 billion city located in South Korea that is recognized as one of the largest private development projects in the world. Songdo IBD has been heralded as the first “green” city, built with state-of-the-art technology and in adherence to the strictest standards of environmental sustainability, for which it has garnered global acclaim. In his capacity as chairman, Stan Gale spearheads the company’s strategic direction, long-term planning, joint ventures and financial partnerships.

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