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    Session Chairs:
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  Ahmad Abdelrazaq
Executive Vice President, Samsung C&T / Highrise & Complex Buildings, Seoul
“Use of the Latest Technologies in Tall Building Design and Construction Planning”

Fresh from having completed the World’s Tallest Building – the Burj Dubai – we hear from the head of the high-rise building division of contractor Samsung on the use of the latest technological advances...more

  William Baker
Partner, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Chicago
“Supertalls: The Next-Generation”

With the completion of the Burj Dubai, one is left to question: how much higher can we go? Undoubtably, the lessons learned during the design...more

  Rick Barker
Principal, Barker Mohandas, LLC, Connecticut
“Improved Techniques for Vertical Transport for Super Tall Buildings”

This presentation will cover the innovative techniques and applied technologies for the vertical transportation system for the 1-kilometre, 200+ storey high Nakheel Tower Dubai, which started foundation...more


Farshad Berahman, Senior Structural Engineer, W.S. Atkins Middle East, Dubai
Matthew Esther
, Associate Structural Engineer, W.S. Atkins Middle East, Dubai

“Hybrid Solutions for Tall Buildings”

Recent innovations in the design of tall buildings have evolved away from single material solutions, to the optimum design often being a concrete / steel hybrid...more

  Georges Binder
Managing Director, Buildings & Data SA / CTBUH Country Representative, Belgium
“Tall Building Trends: 2010, 2020 and beyond”

Using tall buildings data and statistics, this presentation will explain trends over time relating to building uses and locations...more

  Joe Burns
Managing Principal, Thornton Tomasetti, Chicago
“Tall and Supertall Buildings: Structure and Skin Performance”

There are many challenges and opportunities in designing the structure and skin of high performing tall buildings. Examples from different regions highlight responses to wind effects...more

  Volker Buttgereit
Managing Director, BMT Fluid Mechanics Ltd, London
“The Role of Wind Tunnel Technology in the Assessment of Building - Integrated Wind Turbines”

This presentation gives an introduction to the rather complex aerodynamic interaction between wind turbines and building external envelope and presents the analysis techniques necessary...more

  Philip Castillo
Senior Vice President, Murphy / Jahn, Chicago
“New Vertical Cities - The Spire at Ras Al Khaimah”

We live in an urbanizing world, the dominant demographic trend of our time. Urbanization will require Architects and Planners to re-evaluate how our cities are planned and how buildings are designed... more

gautam Gautam Chatterjee
CEO and Vice President, Mumbai Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) & Officer on Special Duty, Dharavi Redevelopment Project
"Primacy of stakeholders in Urban Redevelopment"

The Dharavi Redevelopment project, under the Slum Rehabilitation Authority, is an attempt to convert a large informal settlement into an integrated township and its integration with the city of Mumbai... more

Dr. Joseph Colaco
Principal, CBM Engineers, Inc., / Professor, University of Houston, Houston, USA
“Design and Construction of Taller Towers in India”

Over the last 10 years, India has seen the growth of ever taller buildings. The main growth center has been Mumbai, but taller structures are also being built in Gurgaon, Kolkatta, Bangalore and other cities....more

  Charles Correa
Founder, Charles Correa Architects, Mumbai
“INDIA: High-Rise & High-Density”

Charles Correa, perhaps more than any other Indian architect, has devoted a life’s work to exploring appropriate architectural responses for Indian buildings that work to both a local-vernacular and...more

  Ari Daman
Director, Landscape ID, New York & Bangalore
“Ecological Urbanism - A New Landscape Paradigm”

Can ecology and cities coexist? Can urbanism ever be ecological and at the same time meet the developmental needs and aspirations of people? The answer…. YES...more

  Johannes De Jong
Director - Technology, KONE Industrial Ltd, Finland

“Elevatoring Issues Affecting High Rise Buildings in India”

Building codes and practices for vertical transportation applied in India are not meant for high rise buildings. Vertical Transportation in many high rise office towers in India is heavily under dimensioned...more

  S K Das
Principal, SK Das Associated Architects, New Delhi
“City, Multiplicity and Specificity”

The city is a turf on which different sectarian interests fight and negotiate for space and presence. Aside from the obvious divide between the planned and the unplanned...more

  Daniel R. Ringelstein
Director of Urban Design & Planning, Skidmore Owings and Merrill LLP, Chicago
“Smart Cities for the 21st Century”

We are living in remarkable times, especially in terms of the worldwide trend of population migration from the countryside to the city...more

  Atha Forsberg
Vice-President, Architects & Engineers Group, Willis, Chicago
Insurance and the City

Construction of tall, sustainable buildings, and/or urban development, challenges traditional methods of project delivery. We're utilizing new and sometimes untested building...more

  Bernardo Fort-Brescia, FAIA
Design Principal, Arquitectonica International Corporation, Miami, FL
Key Determinants that Guide Master Planning in the Middle East and Asia

This presentation will discuss contemporary principles guiding the planning of new cities and neighborhoods, through the work of Arquitectonica...more

  Jim Fortune
Founder, Fortune Consultants, Colorado
“Emergency Building Evacuations via Elevators”

Since the Las Vegas MGM Grand fire in 1973, most building codes were changed to follow the Phase 1 Firefighters’ return features during an emergency...more

  Shri Ratnaker Gaikwad
Metropolitan Commissioner, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority , Mumbai
“The Remaking of Mumbai in the Sustainable Age”

India, along with China, is widely recognized as one of the largest emerging / developing markets in the world. Indian cities are witnessing massive growth and enormous...more

Tom Murcott
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
“Songdo IBD and the Future of Smart, Sustainable City-Scale Development”

Tom Murcott is Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Gale International. In this capacity, he provides oversight for all corporate and project communications programs...more

  Lalit Gandhi, Chairman, Remaking of Mumbai Federation, Mumbai
Mayank Gandhi, Secretary, Remaking of Mumbai Federation, Mumbai
“An Integrated Development Plan for Mumbai”

A conceptual proposal for Mumbai based on the present problems and proposed government infrastructural projects...more

  Russell Gilchrist
Practice Leader, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, Chicago
“Sustainable Strategies for High Rise Buildings”

High rise buildings present opportunities for passive and active sustainable strategies that are not so readily available to their less tall counterparts...more

  Juergen Gnida
Head Key Projects, PERI Gmbh, Germany
“Formworks for High-rise Construction”

This presentation will throw light on the ACS & RCS developed by Peri - the core systems used in a High-rise project...more

  Ms Karuna Gopal
President - Foundation for Futuristic Cities: Hyderabad, India
“Imagineering Indian Cities - Governance for Sustainability”

Poised to contribute 70% of the nation’s GDP, the promising Indian urban system is paradoxically slipping into urban decay. Versatile but vulnerable, Indian cities are victims of a chaotic and unplanned growth...more

  Ajit Gulabchand
Chairman, Lavasa city, India
“Decentralizing Cities: Lavasa City”

India has the second largest urban system in the world with 310 million living in 5161 cities and towns. Most Indian cities today are reeling under...more

  Jeff Heller
Principal, Heller Manus Architects, San Francisco
“The Future of Sustainable Urban Design on a Large Scale: Guangzhou”

Recently, China’s central government has developed an advanced and progressive sustainable policy. Guangzhou, China’s third largest city, has made a commitment to aggressively adopting this program in...more

  Peter Irwin, Chairman, RWDI, Canada
Roy Denoon, Vice-President, CPP, Canada
“New CTBUH Guidelines for Wind Tunnel Testing of Tall Buildings”

Wind tunnel testing is a critical part of the design of tall buildings. This situation has highlighted the need for a guideline that helps the non-specialist to gain an understanding of the impacts of wind on tall buildings...more

  Dharmesh Jain
Vice-President, CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate and Developer Association of India), Pune
“Accelerating Development : Ways to Meet The Increasing Supply Gap.”

The gap between the constructed houses and the ever increasing demands of housing is widening as incomes continues to grow. Strategies to accelerate the growth patterns using policy...more

  Sudhir Jambhekar
Senior Partner, FXFowle Architects, New York
“Beyond Tall Buildings”

The creation of architecture, particularly individual buildings, is about improving the built environment. However, it is equally important to think about...more

  Tim Johnson
Design Principal, NBBJ, New York

“Designing Vital Urban Environments”

Rapid population growth, the increasing size of urban centers, and dramatic changes in climate will have significant consequences for the planning and design of our urban environments...more

  Sen Kapadia
Founder, Sen Kapadia Architect, Founder Director KRV Institute for Conceptual Architecture, Mumbai
“Sustainable Cluster Vertical Neighborhood Development”

Sen is a proponent of Passive Solar Architecture and his practice actively pursues energy conscious design approach. His own studio uses no artificial light... more


Swadhin Kshatriya
Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
“Infrastructure challenges in the Urban renewal of Mumbai”

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) is spread over 437sq.kms in which the core (island city) spans over 67 sq.kms...more

  Jong-Soo Kim & Sang Dae Kim
President, CS Structural Engineering Inc., & Korea University, Korea

“Structural Design of The Rechensia Tower ”

The Rechensia, located in Bucheon, South Korea is a concrete residential tower which, when completed, will be 239 meters high...more

  Jan Klerks
CTBUH Research & Communications Manager, Chicago
“Skyscraper Policies: Shaping a Tall Building Framework through Planning and Zoning.”

This is a presentation of international comparative studies on the role and responsibilities of city governments in tall building development...more


David Klinger
“Double Skin Walls and Maintenance Systems for Facades”

This presentation will look at how to apply modern curtain wall design in high-rise buildings considering high wind pressures, light & flexible structures, earthquakes....more

  Cary Kopczynski
CEO, Cary Kopczynski & Company, Seattle
"Envisioning the Future: Building Design and Construction in the New Millennium"

The design and construction of large urban buildings is changing dramatically. The use of BIM and Integrated Project Delivery is radically changing design offices; the same revolutionary events combined...more

  Gary Lawrence
Urban Strategies Leader, Arup, Seattle
"What do you care what other people think?"

Successful urban places are political choices supported by data: they are not the accumulation of data. A translation factor between the information collected and the people who need it is required...more

  Simon Lay
Director, WSP Fire, London
"Don’t be Scared of Performance Based Design"

A fear of fire is natural, and fire & life safety design is a fundamental constraint on the design of tall buildings. This paper will discuss how the adoption of an alternative...more

  Hyung Il Lee
Senior Principal, Samoo Architects & Engineers
"Landed City, Dongtan: Green City in Sync with the Land"

The purpose of this presentation is not to show the existing way of design for new town complexes on suburban areas, but to suggest a new planning methodology...more

  Aamer Azeemi
Senior Director, Smart+Connected Communities, Cisco Systems
"Changing a City, a Country, the World"

Growth, overcrowding, budget constraints and inadequate infrastructure is putting increasing pressure on cities, states and countries...more

  Joe Maffei, Principal, Rutherford & Chekene, San Francisco
Satish Jain, Dircetor, SJC Structural Engineers, San Jose
“Performance Based Design of Tall Buildings”

Tall buildings once a rarity in high seismic zones is becoming more common with the advent of modern technology and engineering practices...more

  Prathima Manohar
Founder, The Urban Vision, India
“Framing India’s Urban Agenda: Why India needs Compact High Density Cities”

In many ways the social, environmental and economic future of the world is going to depend on the transition of an “India of villages” into an “India of cities”...more

  Mukesh Mehta
Chairman, M M Consultants, Mumbai
Making Cities Slum Free

The greatest failure in slum rehabilitation thus far has not been paltry success rate of various slum rehabilitation initiatives throughout the world, nor has it been the lack of Governmental...more

  John Mizon
Vice-President Advanced Programs, Schindler Group. Switzerland
Transit Management - Now It’s Possible

Schindler unveils a new technology which, building upon its extensive work in the area of destination control...more

  Peter Murray
Chairman, Wordsearch & New London Architecture Centre, London
How Tall is Dense? Coping with Growth in London

Developing countries such as India and China with their massive rural - to - urban migration are increasingly seen as the most important battleground for creating more sustainable cities of the...more

  David Nelson
Head of Design, Foster + Partners
“The Sustainable City”

Sustainability has been a central theme of Foster + Partners’ work for more than 40 years,with buildings like the Reichstag in Berlin (1992-99) and Commerzbank Headquarters in Frankfurt (1991-1997)...more

  Peter Oborn
Deputy Chairman, Aedas Europe
“Dynamic Facades and Parametrics; Creating a New Vernacular?”

Aedas will present their competition winning proposals for a new headquarters building for the Abu Dhabi Investment Council...more

  Philip Oldfield
Lecturer in Architecture, University of Nottingham, UK / CTBUH Research Coordinator
“The Carbon Impact of Tall: Embodied Energy in High Rise”

Much of the current emphasis on the sustainable design of tall buildings is focused on reducing their day-to-day operating energy...more

  Felino Palafox
Principal, Palafox Associates, Phillipines
“Best and Worst Practices in Urbanization in the Phillipines”

Ideal urbanization is hard to qualify because of its instantaneous and site-specific character, but its identifiable patterns can be studied...more

  Jason Pomeory
Director, Broadway Malyan Asia, Singapore
"Room at The Top- Alternative Social Spaces in Singapore"

The presentation explores alternative social spaces in Singapore - a city state that has a post colonial heritage of living, working and playing in the tall building typology...more

  Ramesh Ramnathan
National Technical Advisor, Jawarharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), Bangalore
“Initiatives for Urban Renewal in India”

To address the issues arising out of the rapid urbanization in India, the government of India has announced the JNNURM to tackle basic infrastructural and urban governance challenges... more

  Kaizer Rangwala
Principal, Rangwala Associates / Chairman, Form-Based Codes Institute, USA
“Contextual Tall Buildings In India”

The current climate, energy, and financial crises have brought a renewed focus on the creation and preservation of vibrant urbanism for its role in creating a sustainable environment... more

  Stephan Reinke
Director, Stephan Reinke Architects, London
“Place Making: Urban Design and the Tall Building”

From  “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces “ by  William Holly Whyte, to the recent acceptance that quality public realm can add real commercial value to tall building environments... more

  Abis Rizvi
CEO, Rizvi Group, Mumbai
“Integrated Approach to Slum Redevelopment”

About 60 per cent of Mumbai's population of 12 million are classified as urban poor and live in slums. A public-private partnership redevelopment model is being worked in Mumbai with mixed results... more

  Clive Robinson
Product Manager, Tekla, Finland
“Building Information Modelling (BIM) – A Modern Vehicle for Transferring Structural Design Information”

This presentation will examine how engineers, contractors and the entire design team can exchange project information using BIM...more

  Hari Sankaran
Managing Director, IL&FS, India
“Gujarat International Finance Tec-City: A New Glittering Global City Among Chaos”

In this presentation we will learn about the Gujarat International FinanceTec-City (GIFT), which has been conceptualized as a modern city that will rank among the best financial centers in the world...more

  David Scott
Principal, Arup, New York / CTBUH Immediate Past Chairman
“Elegant Efficiency for Complex Tall Towers"

In recent years, changes to the design and construction process have given architects, engineers, fabricators and builders the tools to design and build bigger and more complex towers than...more

  Michel St Pierre
Director of Planning and Urban Design, Gensler, San Francisco / Shanghai
“Sustainable World Cities: Shanghai’s Ambitious Plan”

While the world notes Shanghai’s prosperity, the city’s vision may
provide a model for other global cities to follow...more

  Shyam Sunder, Director, Building and Fire Research Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
Barbara Lippiatt, Economist, Building and Fire Research Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
“U.S. Agenda for Net-Zero Energy, High Performance Green Buildings”
Sixteen U.S. Government agencies have developed a shared vision for research
and development activities...

  Andrew Tindsley
Director, BDP, London
“Time, Place and Identity”

People adapt to places and places need to adapt to change. Such transformations may be brought about by new technologies, demographics or land uses, but as in present day Mumbai...more

  Aaron Vanney
Senior Consultant, Rolf Jensen Associates, Chicago
“Protection of Elevators for Building Evacuation: Code Requirements, Design and Case Studies”

This presentation identifies the past code requirements of the International Building Code and the Building Construction and Safety Code for the protection of elevators...more

  James von Klemperer, Principal & Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, New York
David Malott, Senior Associate Principal, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, New York
“Symbiosis: Supertalls and Future Cities”

KPF has designed some of the most iconic tall buildings around the world, including the Shanghai World Financial Centre which won the CTBUH 2008 Best Tall Building Award...more

  Steve Watts
Partner / Tall Buildings Leader, Davis Langdon, London
“The Economics of Sustainability & Mixed-Use”

Davis Langdon’s cost model for tall buildings is a seminal reference tool in the industry. In addition, a complimentary reference for sustainable-economics in the context of tall is being developed as...more

  Antony Wood
CTBUH Executive Director / Associate Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
“The Re-making of Mumbai: Search for an Appropriate Skyscraper Response”

In the early part of 2009, twelve students from the Illinois Institute of Technology, under the tutelage of Professor Antony Wood...more

  Scott Wrighton
City Manager, Lavasa Corporation Limited, Lavasa.
“Successful Urban Democratic Governance ”

All the architectural, infrastructure, housing and transport schemes may amount to little without addressing politics and structural governance issues head-on...more

  Cathy Yang
Assistant Vice President, Taipei Financial Center Corporation
“Taipei 101: Greening the World’s Tallest”

Taipei 101 was completed as the world’s tallest building in 2004, at 509 metres. Recently it announced plans for a complete environmental upgrade of the building... more

  Dr. Ken Yeang
Director, Llewelyn Davies Yeang (London)and T. R. Hamzah & Yeang (Kuala Lumpur)
“The Ecoskyscraper: Critical Regionalist Considerations”

Ken’s work explores an appropriate typology for the sustainable green skyscraper which responds to both the unique cultural, climatic and ecological aspects of place... more

  Roberto Zappa
CEO & Chairman, Sematic Group, Italy
“Door Solutions for High-Rise Applications”

Automatic lift doors are critical components in high-rise elevators. Their design and manufacturing can deeply affect the performances of vertical transportation systems in terms of safety, comfort, speed...more


Ming Zhang
Senior Partner / Design Director, Mulvanny G2 Architecture, USA
“One Solution does not fit all: Redeveloping the Urban Context”

This presentation will explore a variety of models for successfully redeveloping urban areas to increase environmental sustainability, while preserving historical and cultural integrity...more

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