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Kaizer Rangwala
Principal, Rangwala Associates / Chairman, Form-Based Codes Institute
“Contextual Tall Buildings In India”

The current climate, energy, and financial crises have brought a renewed focus on the creation and preservation of vibrant urbanism for its role in creating a sustainable environment. The scale and design of tall buildings when proposed in an existing context warrants careful examination of the public realm: the design of the space between the buildings. Through case study examples across the globe, this presentation will explore how tall buildings can be designed to be respectful to the vernacular ethos of the place and contribute to the vitality of street life.

Kaizer Rangwala, AICP, CEcD is the founding principal of Rangwala Associates, a town-planning firm that practices the principles of smart growth and walkable urbanism. Kaizer’s training and experience as an architect, city planner, and economic developer coupled with his international interests brings forth a broad and distinctive perspective to creating memorable places. He has over 20 years of public sector experience. Kaizer’s work on Form-Based Codes has been recognized with numerous awards. He has lectured extensively on smart growth, new urbanism, Form-Based Codes, and regulatory reform at planning conferences, planning schools, and at the Form-Based Codes Institute, where he also serves as the organization’s chairman. His writings have been featured in numerous architecture, urban design, planning, and economic development publications. He holds a master's in architecture from New Jersey Institute of Technology, a master's in city and regional planning from Rutgers University, and a certificate in Economic Development from the Economic Development Institute at Oklahoma University.
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