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Technical queries from India on tall buildings & urban habitat.
Professionals involved in the design, developments, construction and management of tall buildings are welcome to join the CTBUH 2010 WORLD CONFERENCE INDIA Group on LinkedIn for networking and discussions.
Share your experience and ideas on some of the issues like-
1. Service core planning.
2. Fire proofing lifts.
3. Fire engineering system.
4. Evacuation system.
5. Smoke control in atriums.
6. Using solar energy for water heating.
7. Green walls.
8. Rain water harvesting.
9. Wind energy.
10. Garbage and Waste treatment.
11. Security against unauthorized access.
12. Acoustic control both traffic & street noise.
13. Controlling vehicle speed on ramp.
14. Ventilation of atrium.
1. How to control verticality in construction, use of GPS?
2. Fire resistance of high performance concrete.
3. Effectiveness of integral waterproofing systems such as Penetron/Hycrete.
4. Crystallization expands when in contact with water over years- may cause cracks in concrete- any views.
5. Whether M60 and M80 concrete need additional waterproofing?
6. Results of admixtures in concrete getting contaminated by chloride present in atmosphere.
7. How to achieve early strength in concrete for stressing.
8. Will exposure to sunlight develop cracks in concrete over the years? Will water seep through them?
9. Ways to achieve breathable concrete.
1. Bird control droppings, nesting, roosting.
2. Waste disposal.
3. Emergency response to disasters and terrorist attacks.
4. Evacuation of disabled persons during emergency.
5. Cleaning of facades/glasses.
6. Control and mitigation against electro-magnetic waves.
7. Integration of communication with Building Management System
If you have any questions or comments regarding any of the above discussion topics,
please write to us: swati@inkbusinessmedia.com
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