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Prathima Manohar
Founder, The Urban Vision, India
“Framing India’s Urban Agenda: Why India needs Compact High density Cities”

In many ways the social, environmental and economic future of the world is going to depend on the transition of an “India of villages” into an “India of cities”. With only 30% of the country being Urban at this point; India has an extraordinary opportunity to leapfrog into a society that is socially inclusive, environmentally & economically sustainable if it adopts the right model. On the other hand if India embraces a flawed model in the coming decades – it can lead to a chaotic future marked with social, ecological & economic instability; along with severe challenges of food & energy security. This presentation outlines the need for India to adopt a macro blueprint to address urbanization and highlights why it is important to adopt a high-density & compact land use model.
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