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Peter Irwin

Roy Denoon
Peter Irwin, Chairman, RWDI, Canada
Roy Denoon
, Vice -President, CPP, Canada
“New CTBUH Guidelines for Wind Tunnel Testing of Tall Buildings”
Wind tunnel testing is a critical part of the design of tall buildings. This situation has highlighted the need for a guideline that helps the non-specialist to gain an understanding of the impacts of wind on tall buildings, the methods used in wind tunnel testing, and the methods used to make full scale predictions based on the wind tunnel data and historical meteorological data. The guideline also needs to lay out standard common formats for data presentation to ease comparisons between results from different wind tunnel testing institutions. The first draft of the guideline will be described.

At RWDI Peter provides engineering consultation on the impact of climatic loads for many tall buildings and other major projects. He likes to work with designers to achieve the goals of aesthetically pleasing structures that work well with nature and that enhance the living environment in both the long and short terms. He has been responsible for the wind engineering of a variety of very tall buildings including, the Petronas Towers, Taipei 101, Burj Dubai and Shanghai Center, as well as many other types of structure such as long span bridges, stadia, and convention centers. In the 1980’s he helped design the natural ventilation system of the Ecology and Environment Inc. headquarters building in Lancaster, New York, which in 2008 was awarded Platinum-level LEED certification, the oldest existing building in the world to achieve this distinction. He has participated in drafting many of the wind and snow load provisions for the building codes and standards of Canada, the USA and ISO and is adjunct professor at the Universities of Miami, Waterloo and Guelph where he teaches graduate wind engineering courses. His work and publications have been recognized by a number of awards, including the
ASCE Jack E. Cermak medal for lifetime achievement in wind engineering.
Peter and RWDI have been long time supporters of CTBUH, and have actively participated in many CTBUH conferences and publications. He is on the editorial board of the CTBUH journal. At RWDI he was one of the founding partners, served as president from 1999 to 2008 and since 2008 has been chairman.


Dr. Roy Denoon is Vice President of CPP Wind Engineering and Air Quality Consultants. Roy completed undergraduate studies in Edinburgh, before moving to Australia to conduct postgraduate research in wind engineering. After a number of years working on wind engineering projects in Australia, including much of the wind tunnel and site work for the Sydney Olympics, he moved to Hong Kong. As the wind engineering specialist for a major engineering consultancy, he was responsible for the oversight and review of wind tunnel testing from a large number of different laboratories around the world. Since joining CPP in 2004, Roy has been responsible for international projects, with a specific focus on tall buildings. While in Australia, Roy edited the Australasian Wind Engineering Society Quality Assurance Manual for wind tunnel testing of buildings and while in Hong Kong he was a major contributor to the Explanatory Materials that accompany the Code of Practice on Wind Effects. Most recently, he has been involved with different wind engineering aspects, from wind tunnel testing right through to full-scale monitoring, of many of the world’s tallest buildings.
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