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Ming Zhang
Senior Partner / Design Director, Mulvanny G2 Architecture, USA
“One solution does not fit all: redeveloping the urban context”

This presentation will explore a variety of models for successfully redeveloping urban areas to increase environmental sustainability, while preserving historical and cultural integrity. In particular, two approaches will be discussed:
1. Revitalize – rebuild the core of the city, and
2. Preserve – build around the core of the city preserving a historic downtown. Citing successful case studies in China and the U.S., Mr. Zhang will take special note of the project’s context with regard to its geography and culture.
The presentation will show how forward-thinking designs, that incorporate sustainable practices, can be uniquely inspired by local culture.


Ming Zhang offers a special talent and creativity in the design of high imagery projects. That talent, combined with his special ability to address each client’s specific needs, earns him a distinguished reputation as a world class designer. With over 22 years of architectural experience in the United States, Asia and the Middle East, Ming’s design and planning experience encompasses a broad range of project types including office, mixed-use, retail, hospitality, high-rise residential, high-tech, and public spaces.

In the realm of high-rise building, Mr. Zhang has designed several award-winning projects in China including: Fujian Provincial Power Company Headquarters, Fuzhou City Power Company Headquarters, Shanghai Shi Dong Power Company Headquarters, Jiangsu Power Headquarters, China Construction Bank Center, and the Fudan Crowne Plaza Hotel and Academic Exchange Center.

Mr. Ming has received numerous honors and awards--including the 2006 Top 20 Most Influential Designers in China Landmark Award from the Chinese Research Center for Urban Development and Environment. His influence has literally created a new image for major cities throughout China. Ming is a sought after speaker, particularly in the topics of environmental architecture, smart building design, working relationships in China, and culture and design.


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