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Dr. Joseph Colaco
Principal, CBM Engineers, Inc., / Professor, University of Houston, Houston, USA
“Design and Construction of Taller Towers in India”

Over the last 10 years, India has seen the growth of ever taller buildings. The main growth center has been Mumbai, but taller structures are also being built in Gurgaon, Kolkatta, Bangalore and other cities. The challenges being faced are: (1) Code Issues – wind and seismic; (2) Construction Technology – high strength concrete, composite column design, steel construction, speed of construction, wind tunnel, window-wall testing, etc; and (3) Infrastructure – foundation design, fire etc. This presentation will discuss these issues highlighting two projects in Mumbai; twin 60-story towers which are completed (currently the tallest in India) and a 300m tall residential building currently under construction.


Ph.D./Civil Engineering – University of Illinois, 1965
M.S./Civil Engineering – University of Illinois, 1962
B.S./Civil Engineering – University of Bombay, 1960

Colaco is a member of the National Academy of Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the American Concrete Institute and a Fellow of the Institute of Structural Engineers, U.K., Fellow American Society of Civil Engineers.  He has been active in numerous professional organizations, including ASCE, American Concrete Institute, and Wind Engineering Research Council.  His awards and honors, the Maurice Van Buren Award from the American Concrete Institute and the Distinguished Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumnus award from the University of Illinois.
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