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Gautam Chatterjee
CEO and Vice President, Mumbai Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) & Officer on Special Duty, Dharavi Redevelopment Project
"Primacy of Stakeholders in Urban Redevelopment"

The Dharavi Redevelopment project, under the Slum Rehabilitation Authority, is an attempt to convert a large informal settlement into an integrated township and its integration with the city of Mumbai. While built structures, aesthetics and economics have taken centerstage for the planning, the prime stakeholders, namely the occupants of the affected project areas, have often been neglected as we condescendingly term them "beneficiaries". The presentation makes powerful argument in favour of making a paradigm shift in development mindset to consider making policies which are participatory in nature and treat occupants as equal partners in all stages of redevelopment, namely survey& documentation, planning & designing, implementation and post-occupation.
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