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Why attend CTBUH Mumbai 2010?  

CTBUH world conferences bring together major global companies and leading international decision makers, providing quality business leads to enhance existing business models. It provides tremendous opportunities to network and engage in creating new partnerships and alliances in order to benchmark with your peers.

Apart from providing a common platform for global organizations and leading international decision makers to converge under a single roof, the CTBUH 2010 will also offer participants an in-depth insight to restructure existing cities in a rather sustainable manner. As a matter of fact, participants at the conference will be able to actively engage in strategic discussions pertaining to current urban and policy practices, while proactively bearing in mind the role of tall buildings and rising urban density.

In addition, participants at the conference will not only be brought up to date with the latest styles and trends prevailing in the design and construction industry but would also be provided with specific inputs about forthcoming technological developments that would positively affect the industry.

Amongst other advantages, the conference also enables participants to freely interact, share and exchange information with their peers. This close interaction allows the participants to discuss about common challenges that they face and arrive at practical solutions. The presence of a panel of highly professional speakers’ facilitates participants to acquire vital knowledge that could be practically applied to their business.

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