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Daniel R. Ringelstein
Director of Urban Design & Planning, Skidmore Owings and Merrill LLP, Chicago
“Smart Cities for the 21st Century”

We are living in remarkable times, especially in terms of the worldwide trend of population migration from the countryside to the city. Our goal as designers of urban districts and cities is to influence urban growth so that it is intelligent and sustainable. We all must make a profound commitment to building distinctive, culturally rich, humane and environmentally friendly cities. We must provide global examples of how to transform the 20th century city into the smart city of this new century which is so urgently needed. Transportation, food, energy, building technologies, are all being influenced by our growing global population and our reduction in environmental quality and natural resources.



Dan Ringelstein brings a unique perspective to his many accomplishments in urban environments around the world. As an architect, urban designer and planner, he is interested in the physical characteristics of a place and how
planning, urban design, infrastructure and architecture can create a positive public environment. This is evident in the strong role he has played in getting complex projects of significant magnitude planned, implemented and built.

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