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Ari Daman
Director, Landscape ID, New York & Bangalore
“Ecological Urbanism - A New Landscape Paradigm”

Can ecology and cities coexist? Can urbanism ever be ecological and at the same time meet the developmental needs and aspirations of people? The answer…. YES.  An ecological approach to urbanism is a more holistic approach and is an alternative way of thinking and planning our cities and communities.  How do we create such cities? What does it mean to be ecological in an urban context? The landscape design strategy for a 125 acre high density, mixed-use project in Bangalore, India is a step in that direction. This session will elaborate on how we have incorporated this new approach towards landscape design.

Ari Daman is a registered landscape architect (Virginia, USA) and the director/principal of Landscape ID. He is also an AICP certified planner and a LEED certified professional. Ari Daman has more than twelve years of experience in working on landscape architecture and master planning projects in the US, India, Middle-East, Libya, and Egypt. He formed Landscape ID in 2009 with the idea of providing innovative landscape design and master planning solutions to his clients globally. His practice keenly explores an ecological approach towards master planning and landscape design. Ari Daman brings an array of expertise from his experience in the fields of architecture, master planning and landscape architecture to his projects. He has successfully completed numerous small and large scale site planning, urban design and landscape architecture projects is the United States, India and other countries. Prior to starting his own practice, Ari Daman was leading the international studio at EDAW New York, a world renowned landscape architecture and planning firm. He has received numerous awards for landscape design and for site planning.
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