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Andrew Tindsley
Director, BDP, London
“Time, Place and Identity”

People adapt to places and places need to adapt to change. Such transformations may be brought about by new technologies, demographics or land uses, but as in present day Mumbai, the forces at play are not always in harmony. Positive change is of course possible and this presentation will reflect on how by looking back as well as thinking forward we can understand what works (and what doesn’t) in creating a new vision. Whatever the nature of this vision, experience indicates that it should reflect on history and context, and be founded on the desires of its community to create a successful, sustainable environment with direction and opportunity.

Andrew is a director with BDP, an inter-disciplinary practice of architects, engineers and designers. He is responsible for their London Urbanism Studio and more recently has become a director of their new design consultancy in India where he is working on a variety of masterplanning and landscape design projects.
Starting his career in local government with the UK cities of Manchester and Liverpool he has spent over 30 years associated with urban regeneration and renewal, frequently underataking projects with a strong community focus.

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